Strange web connection issue


I'm experiencing a strange issue. It seems I can't connect to my RStudio Server from a specific computer. That is, I can connect from my laptop and from my mobile using the address http://<server-ip>:8787 but the same address timeout from my desktop computer. I tried different browsers. The only significant difference is that the desktop is connected to the Internet via Ethernet, while mobile and laptop are connected via WiFi. I'm not even sure how to debug this since the server works fine!

Are there any special add-ons you have in your browsers on desktop computer? Also, do you have VPN installed on desktop?

No, special addons (and I tried three browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari - I'm on a Mac). I don't think there's a VPN but I'm using it from my office. Both WiFi and Ethernet connection are provided by the University.

In that case you might want to talk to your system administrators and ask them that.
Personally, I don't have a good idea about what can go wrong in this case, so I would try asking them first.

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