Strange font in html document code chunk

I recently updated to macOS Catalina. Now, when I knit an Rmarkdown document to html, all my code chunks come out in "Times" font:

What can I do to revert to the default style I'm more used to?

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Hi, and welcome!

See the RMarkdown Book for an example of how to change font with a css style.

Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear about what I was asking. I'm more wondering WHY the default style changed when I updated to Catalina? I'm still using html_document: default, but clearly the document I screencapped is not in the default style.

It's especially strange because when I knit to pdf, the code font returns to computer modern (or whatever the default is).

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I have to think it is related to Catalina. I'm waiting for .3 to upgrade from Mojave :grin:

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Ha! I'm feeling like that is probably the correct course of action.

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Yeah, does seem like a Cupertino gift, doesn't it?

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