Strange error in `Run r-lib/actions/setup-r@master` without an error...

From two days this strange error happen on my new repositories: actions fails (eg lint, pkgdown, ...) at the level of setup-r@master but without throwing any explicit error (search for "error" return 0 results).

you can see the log here

The repo/package was more than minimal:


I suppose that could be a problem of my account that a can't figure out (eg, other actions, in repositories I created earlier seem still running fine...)

Thank you for any suggestion or indication.

It is a recurrence of due to the new R 4.0.2 release and the fact that the macOS builds do not currently have a binary.

Additionally because the default version for the setup-r action was 4.x this bug was hit then as well. I recently changed it to use release as the default version, which should avoid this particular part of the issue for future R releases.

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