stoRy - Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Anna Skrzydło

Abstract: This Shiny application is an interactive narrative. Interacting with the UI will progress the user through a story about a frustrated R developer.

Full Description: The idea for this application was to create a Shiny app with content that isn’t native to Shiny. That’s how it started - I thought, “Let’s use Shiny to build a story.” The story is a short anecdote that a lot of R devs will empathize with. After completing the story, I started thinking about the UI. I wanted it to imitate the software used in a corporate environment so that the user has the feeling of actually being part of the story. That’s why I decided to use the shiny.fluent package, which made it easy to leverage Microsoft’s Fluent UI.

The whole app was completed in about 15 hours. I have a background mainly in analytics and project management. I’ve created some Shiny apps before, but the main focus there was on the calculations, this time I wanted to focus on how the app looks. It was challenging to make the app look the way I want it to be rather than what I can do, as it’s always easier to follow the already known paths. I’ve learned a lot and enjoyed building the app.

Keywords: shiny.fluent, UI, story
Shiny app:
Repo: GitHub - aniaskrzydlo/story
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


Full image:

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