Storing users' queries in Shiny

I am currently working on a large Shiny application that runs simulations requiring users to fill in many different fields. The app will be hosted through Connect on our own AWS server. I am looking for an easy option for users to save their queries and reaccess them. So ideally, the user can start to fill in the input fields. If she gets interrupted or wants to return to it later, she can save her entries and then return to it later. Likewise, if she wants to rerun the simulation at a later point in time, she can reload the filled-in input fields. Ideally, this would work for multiple queries. Is there a way for Shiny to pull this off without including fancy backend programming in the form of user databases etc.?

Hi @geraldine28, welcome to Community. Maybe Shiny Bookmarking could help you with this: Shiny - Articles

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Thanks Edgar. This is so cool. Exactly what we need.

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