Store Result into MySQL Database

i'm really new to r and i need help with my project.

so the concept is i want to integrate R with html+php using iframe. but i want to store the result from calculation using R like the graph, the spectrogram, etc into a file that's going to be stored into a mysql database. is there anyway to do this? i would highly appreciate and thankful for all of the help.

thank you :slight_smile:


It's not very difficult to read/write to a database once you get the hang of setting it up :slight_smile:
Here is a good start:

Like @pieterjanvc said, connecting to MySQL from R straight-forward.
The only issue is usually drivers and that's OS dependent.

I'm more curious how you connect PHP with R.
In PHP, you can execute a shell command which would just be Rscript your_script.R
Not sure if this takes care of all the complexities you are trying to build for.

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