STOP Microsoft Publisher from launching on opening RStudio

Everytime I launch RStudio it open MS Publisher (which is not under my MS 365 subscription). It generates two messages that MS Publisher cannot read files. Any attempts to open .rproj files create the same error messages. RStudio is effectively immobilized by MS Publisher. And the older version used to work so well.
Please help. I am enrolled in a MOOC to learn about RStudio but this glitch has sidelined me.

Would be extremely grateful for ANY help with this problem. I am unable to open .rproj files or run RStudio startup because it auto-launches Microsoft Publisher? Can't I use another reader to run RStudio and set a different startup? MS Publisher cannot read my files.

I have not used Windows in years so this is pure guesswork but it looks like you have a systems-level problem and probably need to search the windows fora.

Does it seem to be RStudio or R*which invokes MS Publisher?

I am not sure from your post if you can load R from the desktop icon or from a terminal. If you can load R then aggressively purging and reinstalling Rstudio might work.

When you say

does that mean that you should not have it at all on your machine?

Sorry, I do not understand this.

You do not need RStudio to run R. It is very nice but but you might want to substitute another editor/IDE until you can sort out this problem.

Here is a slightly out of date listing of some editors/IDE's that you can use 11 Best R Programming IDE and editors - Years ago be for heading to Linux I was very fond of Tin-R. For real masocists there is ESS :smiley:

Sorry not to be of more help.

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