Statistical test to how if a factor is impacting date'reproduction of butterfly

I'm wondering what statistical test I should use to know if the numeric factor (temperature) impacts the reproduction' date (character factor, called here as argus_repro and moire_repro) of a precise species of butterfly.
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You might convert argus_repro and moire_repro to dates and then treat them as numeric and regress them on temperature.

How should I convert those values ? I have tried with as.factor() or with but still doesn't work. Should I do it directly on excel ?

One issue is telling R that the data is French. Another is saying you want a number rather than date. Try

asADate <- as.chron(as.Date(df$argus_repro,"%d-%b"))
asANumber <- as.numeric(asADate)
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Thank you a lot, it did work.

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