Static tabsetpanel


My code has a structure like this -:

ui <-
(tab1 (there are inputs like select input/radio button in tab1,tableOutput() etc),
similarly I have 4 more tabs with inputs on the tab)

Thus, we can see that in the server, each tab within the tabset panel will give me input$selectInputval, input$checkboxInputval and tableOutput() etc.

Thus, server will be -:
server <-
and so on....

But observeEvent fails to work i.e the latest input$ values are not captured by it! Is there a tutorial based on similar scenario?

I checked on internet but there isnt any situation like this..

Without actual code it is very difficult to diagnose the problem. Please post the simplest Reproducible Example (reprex) that demonstrate the behavior.

One source of the problem could be that your input widgets on the different tabs do not have unique names. Make sure every input id is unique so that input$checkBoxVal refers to only one widget.

Thankyou for your response.

My issue is solved. Had used "submit" button by mistake in one of the tabs and hence tool was not behaving as expected.