Static Main Page for Shiny App Link to Other Pages

I am working on creating a dashboard and I am using the golem package to help keep the project organized. I have created and attached an HTML file as my main page for the app where it will present basic information about the project and other things along with links to the other pages where users will be able to explore the data. Here is my R code for the UI:

#' The application User-Interface
#' @param request Internal parameter for `{shiny}`.
#' @import shiny
#' @noRd
app_ui <- function(request) {
    # Leave this function for adding external resources
    # Your application UI logic

#' Add external Resources to the Application
#' This function is internally used to add external
#' resources inside the Shiny application.
#' @import shiny
#' @importFrom golem add_resource_path activate_js favicon bundle_resources
#' @noRd
golem_add_external_resources <- function() {

      path = app_sys("app/www"),
      app_title = "HealthEquityDashboard"
    # Add here other external resources
    # for example, you can add shinyalert::useShinyalert()

So far there is no issue with the code, but I want to start creating my other pages that will be linked to from the home page. How do I go about creating these pages and linking them?

I know how to do it if I was linking from HTML to HTML or R to HTML, but not for HTML to R. I also know I could just host the static "about" page and link to a shiny app, but I would like to keep it all in a single project.

After lots of googling and messing with different packages, I found the Brochure package. This resolved my issue, although it took a while to figure out. For anyone else out there looking to do something similar, here are some really helpful links:
Brochure Package
Brochure Package Documentation
Use Brochure with Golem

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