Stargazer Error in RMarkdown

I am running the following code on two data frames:

stargazer([c("bm", "roa", "debt_assets", "at", "inst_hold")]), 
          nobs = FALSE,
          digits = 2,
          covariate.labels = c("Book-to-Market", "Return on Assets", "Leverage", "Total Assets", "Institutional Ownership"),
          notes = "\\textit{N} = 5,361 firm-year observations.")

The code works on one data frame but not the other, although the two data frames are set up identically. I am getting the error message:

Error in if ( { : the condition has length > 1
Calls: <Anonymous> ... .stargazer.wrap -> .get.object.names -> .inside.bracket
Execution halted

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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