Standardized, Printable Forms using Rmd or Quarto

I would like to use R Markdown or Quarto to make printable PDFs of commercial documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Packing Lists, etc. All of the data comes from a database, but I would like to process the data in R and then generate documents with finely controlled layouts.

Each document type would have a template that would require a fair amount of design work to create, but then R could seamlessly prepare the data to fill in to the template and create a PDF.

I am hoping that the template would be defined by code (but probably not R code).

Is anything like this feasible using Rmd, Quarto, or any other R tool? Thanks.

Currently this type of document with paged design can be done using HTML and CSS with help of , A web library to create paginated content.

In the R Markdown ecosystem, pagedown (GitHub - rstudio/pagedown: Paginate the HTML Output of R Markdown with CSS for Print) is a tool to help with this. Creating your template for you document would be custom work. pagedreport ( is an example of what other have done with such tool.

Quarto does not have integration yet with Paged.js, but this is scheduled for the coming month. This will definitely be integrated to allow user to create template for paginated HTML.

Thanks a lot for the info!

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