SSO on Database using postit workbench or posit connect

does anybody can answer me the question if it is possible to use sso to connect to a msql database if I am using posit workbench or posit connect?

from my client machine (windows) i am able to the following

con <- dbConnect(odbc::odbc(), 
  connection_string = "Driver={SQL Server}; 
  server = server.internal\\SQLP3; database=my database;trusted_connection=true", timeout = 10)

Is this possible from posit workbench with saml authentication enabled?

Probably not, because your SSO credentials exist only in the browser, and the database connection is happening from the Workbench server, not the browser. But a lot depends on the specific SSO implementation your organization uses. Since you're using our professional products, you're entitled to email support -- shoot us a detailed description of your issue to and we'll do our best!

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