ssh to linux via terminal

I would like to execute commandes defined in RMarkdown (via RStudio on Windows) in a ssh terminal (to a linux machine).
However, I cannot just ssh to a linux machine (ssh name@IPadress) in the RStudio terminal as I normally do it in Putty etc.
Does anybody know a tutorial for not-so-experienced people like me?

Not sure why you can't do this; I do exactly this all the time, but I'm running RStudio and RStudio Server on Linux machines (so the console visible via the RStudio Terminal is definitely Linux).

What are you running RStudio on?

On Windows you need to install the openssh client using Windows settings and in RStudio change your terminal to use PowerShell, then you can ssh into any server almost as usual (some minor syntax differences).

This works for interactive use on a terminal but sadly, as far as I know, there is no programatic way of using ssh connections from an Rmd document or scripts on Windows. Maybe you could use openssh through system commands but I haven't tried.

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