SQL results cannot be saved via command line

System details

RStudio Edition : Desktop
RStudio Version : 1.2.1511
OS Version      :  Windows 7
R Version       :  3.6.0

I am connecting my organisation's database using Sybase IQ as well as RStudio via ODBC connection.

I can export SQL results to a csv file in Interactive SQL app with the following codes

select top 10*  into #test from DATA;

select * from #test;
output to "E:\\test.csv";

However, neither output to nor into outfile (in some other suggestions) works via RStudio's SQL engine.

Is there anyway I can achieve this?


Using the DBI package,

Allocate the output of the SQL to a variable, then save as a data frame before export to csv, without a computer (only mobile) it's something like:


con = dbConnect(#connection string)

X<- dbSendQuery(con, "select * from table")


Then write X to csv using write_csv(x,"filepath.csv")

Just to clarify, are you talking about doing this with sql code from a sql script file or sql chunk within RStudio, or you are talking about how to do this with R?

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This is about how to do this with SQL code from a SQL script within RStudio.

Thanks for that. I am more interested in doing this with now RStudio supported SQL script since Version 1.2, and why it doesn't work with SQL code.

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