SQL exercises in {learnr} return only errors... still

Following from this post: [SQL exercises in {learnr} return only errors]

I'm creating a {learnr} tutorial and looking to include SQL exercises. However, I'm getting a " The 'connection' option (DBI connection) is required for sql chunks." if I pass the connection variable in the RMarkdown with quotes. If I try to pass the connection variable without quotes, the app crashes with an unexpected symbol error.

I've attempted the test example given by @grrrck in the linked post and I'm using the latest GitHub version. Is there something else I'm missing or could give a try to get it working?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks @russm, this is definitely a bug in learnr. I opened an issue to track this problem and hopefully will be able to resolve it soon.

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Thanks again for reporting this @russm! I've fixed the underlying bug and along the way improved learnr's support for SQL-based interactive exercises. For anyone who is interested in using SQL in exercises, I also added a new example tutorial that explains how to create and use SQL exercises: learnr Tutorial Examples • learnr

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