SQL encoding error

I'm trying to upload a dataframe to an SQL table, but I keep getting errors with regards to character encoding.

To isolate the issue, I'm looking at this string - "ចននី G 18/05/2018 $21.20 RC18-DGM1-WEB".

I'm using the bcputility package to upload the data, and when I pull the uploaded data back out, I get "ßPàßPôßPôßP+ G 18/05/2018 $21.20 RC18-DGM1-WEB" instead.

I've tried setting the bcpOptions flag (in the function bcpImport) as list("-c", "-C 65001") after reading this page.
I've also tried using DBI::dbWriteTable instead with the encoding = "UTF-8" flag passed to dbConnect.
I've tried using stringi::str_enc_toutf8 on the data before uploading.

When I use dbWriteTable to push the data, the output looks like "???? G 18/05/2018 $21.20 RC18-DGM1-WEB".

I'm quite stuck as to how to troubleshoot this next, so any help would be appreciated.

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