SQL Big Query - Gdelt Tone Analysis

Hi everyone, I have been trying to make a tone analysis with SQL Big Query and GDELT v2. I want to collect all the media/press that contains the word "sindical". The location I am working with is Uruguay (code UY in GDELT). Also, I would like to analyse the tone/sentiment (positive or negative). The most useful code I have found so far is from this article: How The World Sees Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump. However the code does not limit the location and also seems to have an error because it doesn't run.

I really hope someone here understands a bit of SQL and GDELT and is able to help me.

Something like this should work

SELECT * FROM `gdelt-bq.gdeltv2.gkg`
WHERE V2Locations LIKE '%UY%'
AND LOWER(V2Themes) LIKE '%sindical%'

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