Splitting a Dataset into Arbitrary Sections

I have this data set:

var_1 = rnorm(1000,1000,1000)
var_2 = rnorm(1000,1000,1000)
var_3 = rnorm(1000,1000,1000)

sample_data = data.frame(var_1, var_2, var_3)

I would like to split this data set into 10 different datasets (each containing 100 rows) and then upload them on to a server.

I know how to do this by hand:

sample_1 = sample_data[1:100,]
sample_2 = sample_data[101:200,]
sample_3 = sample_data[201:300,]

# etc.


#establish connection (my_connection)

dbWriteTable(my_connection,  SQL("sample_1"), sample_1)
dbWriteTable(my_connection,  SQL("sample_2"), sample_2)
dbWriteTable(my_connection,  SQL("sample_3"), sample_3)

# etc

Is there a way to do this "quicker"?

I thought of a general way to do this - but I am not sure how to correctly write the code for this:

i = seq(1:1000, by = 100)
j = 1 - 99
sample_i = sample_data[ i:j,]

dbWriteTable(my_connection,  SQL("sample_i"), sample_i)

Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you!

I think I answered this over on StackOverflow earlier today :smile:

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