split split plot repeated measures

Good morning All!

I am struggling for code for analysis of "split split plot design with repeated measures "

My main plot is method of sowing (2 options)
sub plot is cropping system (2 systems)
sub-sub plot is varieties (3 options)
the study variable is yield over 2013 to 2019

can anyone please help me to analyze this data?

I could find code for split split plot in agricolae

But when yields has repeated measures, i not sure how to handle this

Kindly help

Thanks in advance

Hi @Anupamagv
Welcome to the Posit/RStudio Community Forum.

Your data will probably require a mixed model analysis using the lme4 package.
You might find the following links useful:
Repeated measures with perennial crops

The autocorrelation between years is another issue which will need addressing.

But this is a complex subject and you may require professional statistical help.
Once you formulate a potentially suitable model you could ask a more detailed question about suitability on the
R-SIG-mixed-models mailing list, see:


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