Split panes in source editor


I'm reproducing the Russ Charif' s post on May 18, 2016 to the https://support.rstudio.com.
Indeed the following Rstudio feature it'ld be very useful and comfortable to me.

"Feature request: horizontal split panes in source editor

It would be useful to be able to simultaneously view two parts of a source file that are farther apart from each other than can be viewed in a single window.

Ideally I'm thinking of a way to split a window into two independently-scrolling panes, one above the other. MS Word [shudder] has a feature like this, which is very useful in long docs. An alternative solution would be to allow the same source file to be open in two different windows.

Or does some such capability already exist?

Thanks for the great product!

Russ Charif May 18, 2016 15:56"

If it would be possible to implement it, I would very much appreciate it.

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Splitting panes/windows so you can view two separate parts of a long file at once is a common feature of text editors and IDEs (and one that I also miss in RStudio!). I think this idea might be covered by this current issue (which is fairly broadly defined):

From the official guide to writing feature requests for RStudio:

If you find that someone else has already filed the feature request, don't just move on! Instead, help us know that you're interested, too:

  1. Add a thumbs-up to the feature request to vote for it. This helps the request become more visible to the team.
  2. Optionally add a comment with any insight and background you have that isn't already part of the conversation.


The ability to split panes (at least for the source) would be an excellent addition.
The ability to see to sources side-by-side would be a welcome addition and likely enhance workflow.
For those unfamiliar, the editor, Atom, can split panes vertically and horizontally, which is a much used and appreciated feature.


Greetings, I'd like to reiterate my strong desire for the source editor to have split pane capabilities. I'm working on my first project of any length and having this ability would be fantastic. Even using the 'outline' on the right hand side, which is helpful, having to bounce back and forth between sections is frustrating and a serious waste of time.
All the best.
~ Jason the #rstatsnewbie