Splash screen at login in RStudio Server


We are building an RStudio Server for a group of 30-50 people for data analysis. I would like to make a splash screen or pop-up window appearing after login to remind users of data secrecy and share any general information. Do you how this can be done?



Are you using RStudio Server Pro? If so, you can use notifications.conf to do exactly this.


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Thanks Jonathan for the suggestion! We weren't using the Pro version, but I guess we have to reconsider this.

You can also roll your own solution using the rstudioapi package. It'd look something like this:

  1. Ensure the rstudioapi package is installed for all users
  2. Add code to the Rprofile.site file to install an RStudio session init hook
  3. In that init hook, use the rstudioapi package to show a dialog when there's a new session (skipping if the user has already seen; might need to store state somewhere)
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