Spezification for glem code needed

I am working on a project in with I have 150 patients with a lot of repeated measures (long format).
These measures could have been in one of three period conditions:
1 = before Lockdown
2= during
3= after

The repeated measures are coded binary 0 for success and 1 for fail.

I do want to know the risk of failing for the patients regarding f.e only phase 1 and 2. so an appropriate answer would be: patients were more likely to fail during the lockdown phase with…

I only got some code from my professor and I am not familiar with R so I do have some questions:

m = glmer(depVar ~ covar + factor + (1| ID), data=d, family=binomial(link=„Logit“))

So depvar is obviously the fail/success variable, cov would be number of measures taken (these vary between the patients), factor is gender, Id is Id variable for patients. But how is this only regarding/comparing the measures taken in phase 1 and 2?

I would be really glad for any advise specifying this code!

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