Speedcubing Dashboard - Shiny Contest Submission

Speedcubing Dashboard

Authors: Jay Ware

Abstract: Dashboard displaying visualisations and statistics for speedcubing (Rubik's cube) competitions. Shows world/national records, popularity of different events and shows results of individual competitors at World Cube Association competitions.

Full Description: The dashboard presents statistics and visualisations of results from World Cube Association (WCA) speedcubing competitions. Speedcubing is a sport involving solving Rubik's cubes and similar puzzles as quickly as possible.

This uses data published by the WCA containing the results from all official competitions. The dashboard provides an overview of the 150,000 different competitors across the current 17 events. It covers the growth in popularity of speedcubing, and different events; progression in fastest times and world/continental/national records. Individual results can also be displayed and compared.

As well as visualisations, key statistics are dynamically displayed, for different countries, genders, and events. Most of this is done within the server, due to the large number of permutations that can be filtered by. A limited part of the processing was done before deploying, to improve the performance of the app.

The data used is owned by the WCA, but is publicly available on their website.

Keywords: speedcubing; puzzles; sports statistics
Shiny app: https://jware.shinyapps.io/speedcubing/
Repo: GitHub - jayware9/speedcubing: Source code for https://jware.shinyapps.io/speedcubing/
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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