Specifying different number of output plots

I want to give the user the option to select which plots he/she wants to see at the end of an analysis.
All the plots are produced from one dataset and include time series plots, boxplots, histograms etc.
The questions I stumbled upon are

  • do I use one or multiple 'plotOutput("Plot",....)' element? So far I have been arranging plots in one figure so one 'plotOutput' was sufficient
  • do I use the predefined height, as in plotOutput("Plot",height = "1800px")?
    I fthe number of figures varies this creates empty space, I would like to avoid it

Any comments would be very apprecaited, Mac

nevermind, I got few suggestions on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52870757/specifying-different-number-of-output-plots-tables-shiny-app/52886717#52886717

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