Spatial Panel Analysis

Hi, I am working on spatial panel data analysis. The research work focuses on West Africa countries. I have tried all I could to convert my shapefile to binary contiguity matrix, then try to fit it with my model. But am facing errors after running the code. Below is my chunks code

data <- read.csv(paste(my.dir,'energy_data.csv',sep=""))

eco <- rgdal::readOGR(paste(my.dir,"/EcowasWA/ecowas.shp",sep=""))

data.g<- attr(eco, "data")

Creating Queen Contiguity based neighbours ----------------

wm_q <- poly2nb(eco, queen = TRUE)

weight matrix represented as a normal matrix

q <- nb2mat(temp)

transform the weights matrix into a listw

ecolw <- mat2listw(q)

my model

fm <- REC ~ ACT + ATE + EIL + TEO + CO2 + TFE

Random Effect Model

model_1 <- spml(formula = fm, data = data, index = NULL, listw = ecolw, model = "random", lag = TRUE, spatial.error = "b")

This is the error am facing

Error in spreml(formula = formula, data = data, index = index, w = listw2mat(listw), : **
** Non conformable spatial weights

Kindly assist me

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