Spatial data coercion

Can anyone offer advice/example code on how to create a data frame from the coordinates of a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame?
I have a shapefile I read into R with readOGR() and I want to us it in a pip() function to filter out points that are outside of a certain region. When I try to put it into the pip() I get an error that says Error in as.points(poly) : Cannot make points from this object


So you have a polygon and you want to filter out areas that aren't in a region? A reproducible example would be useful.

Otherwise, have a look at the sf package. Just read in your shapefile, then filter out the points either spatially or based on some criteria in the dataset.

I found a package called FRK that has a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame_to_df() that did what I needed. Thanks!

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