Spark Web UI Access on RStudio Cloud

sparklyr has a method to start a web UI for Spark like this

spark_web(sc) where sc is an active spark connection object

that starts a browser with this URL:

Following the thread for getting access to h2o's Flow web app,
(Launching localhost web apps in Rstudio cloud)

I formed this URL:

When I try to access that I get a "Please Wait" message with a scrolling "bar chart" progress indicator that never resolves to any actual content.

Ideas of what to try next?

I did the following:

> sc <- spark_connect(master = "local")
* Using Spark: 2.1.0
> rstudioapi::translateLocalUrl("https://localhost:4040/jobs/", TRUE)
[1] ""

Bingo, that worked. I had 2 slashes before the p. (//p). The translation helped me from fat fingering the URL construction by hand. Thanks for showing me that.


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