Space is full.....

I am trying to access a shared project in Rstudio cloud. But a message pops up that "You cannot create a project at this time because the projects limit for this space has been reached. Please contact an admin and ask them to request a higher limit."

Could anyone please clarify whom to contact in thia regard.


I'm sorry you are encountering this problem while trying to access a shared project.
This sounds like the limit of 25 projects has been reached for the shared space you are using. You can learn more about limits here:

Please have the admin of the space reach out to us, they can submit a request to the RStudio Cloud team for more capacity.


Hei brother,,,,have you solved this problem??? I am also facing this problem,,but i dont know how to solve this problem,,,i need your help to solve this problem brother,,, how can i inrease space limit and how can i contact with admin,,,please help someone....thanks in advance....

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