Sourcing external UI resources: Building external resources (from /www/) works great - Shiny Server does not load them

This issue is new to me so I am hoping for some ideas from folks who know the differences between how and shiny-server open build and run the app. The exact same codebase runs perfect on rstudio local launch, and on It does not work correctly on shiny-server.

My Set up

  • Shiny 1.7.4
  • R 4.2.2
  • Using Golem 0.3.5 CRAN
  • Using Auth0
  • AWS EC2 Linux 2 (RHEL 7+)
  • Nginx
  • AWS RDS / MySQL / Maria

Install Tries -- All Same Results: App Works! but UI elements from www/assets not loaded up by Shiny Server

  • Direct upload of package directory to /srv/shiny-server/
  • Git clone directly to /srv/shiny-server/ ; (followed by uploading /assets/ folder and a .Renviron file which I do not keep on github)
  • Git clone to user rstudio; (followed by uploading /assets/ folder and a .Renviron file which I do not keep on github); and simlink at /srv/shiny-server/


First, remember: All functionality of auth, user interactions, backend database, and RMarkdown file export works OK on both AND shiny-server, it is literally just the UI for the things in www/assets when hosted on shiny-server. This is to say, I do not get any meaningful errors when the app loads, just the files in the www folder are not loaded.

  • Assets in www load fine when hosted on, or when run with rstudio server, but are not sourced when hosting with Shiny Server
  • Any assets referenced in the index.html template load, any assets referenced in R do not
  • The package name riverPlanner appears in the paths shown in browser devtools pane for the assets that work, but not in the attempted/failed paths for those that don't work. On, all assets work and all have riverPlanner in the path.
  • Auth0 logout button does not work in shiny-server (I am sure this is related and will be fixed by the same fix for the rest)

Setup Description and Package structure

The app is a golem package, using an HTML template in Bootstrap 5; CSS and JS are mainly provided by CDN link in index.html; and using suppressDependencies('bootstrap','javascript','jquery') in app_ui.R
##Directory Structure##

  • app.R

  • inst/

    • golem-config.yml
    • app/
      • _auth0.yml
      • www/
        • index.html
        • assets/ files not getting sourced from Shiny here
          • css/ ...
          • img/...
          • js/ ...
          • scss/ ...
          • vendor/ ...
  • R/...the app files



Host: Shiny Server

Missing build of assets folder items:

Screenshot Shiny Server chrome dev tools 1

Folder img/menu not built in.

  • 1 Missing images from inst/app/www/assets/img/menu/...
  • 2 Missing icons as font awsome V4-shims.min.css is missing
  • 3 Path attempted to image does not include "riverPlanner"

Screenshot Shiny Server chrome dev tools 2

"riverPlanner" missing from attempted path to "Breakfast-158.jpg; img/menu folder missing
The images in img/resources and img/slide come in OK because they are referenced in the parent index.html template, not in shiny


All looks good

Screenshot chrome dev tools

What I think is happening

  1. Shiny server uses a different app build mechanism than

  2. Golem add_external_resources ???? Or somewhere in the shiny::addResourcePath?

  3. Workaround with shinyAppDir()' I have not tried because I am using auth0::shinyAppAuth0()` but maybe I need to think harder about this

  4. OR -- This is all very simple and I have to simply change how I am constructing the path to the assets??? :slight_smile:

Regardless, I am a bit stuck

Related Discussions I found






Code that makes the menu cards with the missing images (mealCard())

Please Help

  • Sorry it is hard to do a reprex because of the database backend and the auth0. If you want to clone my github, I can provide you the remaining necessary files you would need to run this.
  • I am looking for any ideas on structuring the app differently, working around the loading mechanism etc.
  • If auth0 is a pinch point here, I could abandon it and find a different auth method
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

I figured this out. I had a piece of JS that was altering the site URL 2 seconds after start up. This time was insufficient for larger resources to load. I removed this code and all works fine now.

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