Sourcing a file and reading it in console


I am sourcing a file with some connectivity details, however, I would like to see the contents inside to ensure the correct credentials are used, below is my code:

Source Code: source(paste("mypath/credentials.r",sep=""))

I tried using dput(source(paste("mypath/credentials.r",sep="")))
but it doesn't really gives the content inside credentials.r

The output after dput is :structure(list(value = <S4 object of class structure("PostgreSQLConnection", package = "RPostgreSQL")>,
visible = FALSE), .Names = c("value", "visible"))

Can somebody please help?

I am a little confused by as to what you are asking.

  • I think I and others would benefit if you could supply a copy of the minimal example of credentials.r credential contents. (obviously, pls don't actually include any private credentials)
  • And with that example, could you be explicit about what you expect to get?


Thanks for your reply. Please see below sample code of credentials.r

connection <-dbConnect(driver,dbname="serverxxx", host="",port=5432,user="XXXX",password="XXXX")

Basically, when I source the same, I need to see the contents inside, so that I can verify whether correct credentials are used or not.

Hadley wrote this nice doc on Handling Secrets with R.

You might consider following the advice under "Environment variables".
It suggests you setup a ~/.Renviron file in your base directory (be sure your version control ignores it). Put your host, dbname(s), port, user and password inside it.


# .Renviron # not the website i was expecting

Note that .Renviron is only processed on startup, so you’ll need to restart R to see changes.

And then you can access those values in R with Sys.getenv("CONNECTION_HOST"),

connection <-dbConnect(

And there are other options there (eg keyring) to be even more secure with your credential information.

hey @bhavaniasok008, you can read a file as a string and display it to the screen like this:

fileName <- 'mypath/credentials.r'

@jdlong, thanks a ton :slight_smile: It's working fine.

Hi Hadley,

Thanks for your reply. let me try this. In between @jdlong suggestion worked for me. Thanks once again :smile: