Source code line numbers

I desperarately need to see the source code line numbers where an error occurs on the rstudio console. I have tried everything I could find on the web -
options(show.error.locations = TRUE)

but nothing worked on the latest version of rstudio that I have just updated to. I had got it to work on my previous version.

The inability of a programming development tool to display source code line number of an error is unconsciousable.
We are not talking of an error in a deep embedded function, but at the top level source code currently displayed on the screen. In fact the offending source code line itself is displayed in the error message, without the line number.
Is this some kind of a joke?
If you are in touch with the R powers that be, feel free to forward my mail and I would be grateful to hear their response,

Please advice.

Give this a crack:

options(error =
    if(!interactive()) quit('no', status = 1, runLast = FALSE)

It won't give you line numbers, but it'll give you the ful lstack trace, which should help :slightly_smiling_face: