some wrong happend about R Studio

There have been some errors in my Rsutio. The last time I closed it, I chose the option of "not saving rDATA". The second time I opened Rstudio, the computer's memory usage was the same as last time (about 20Gb). However, when the indicators of the memory, storage, and other task managers no longer changed, Rstudio remained completely blank.

May I ask what I should do to open it properly.


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It's a bit hard to understand what your exact problem is, but if you feel that the issue is not your code itself, but something with the environment of the project, you can always delete the data from the R environment and start fresh.

Before you start, make sure to make a backup copy of the whole project folder in case something goes wrong

In your R project folder you can delete the following:

  • .Rproj.user/ (this is a folder)
  • .RData
  • .RHistory

When you do this, your code will still be intact, but the saved environment and history will be gone and the next time you open the project it will be in a clean environment.

Hope this helps,

I dont think, there is an improper way to open Rstudio. Its happening me too, that sometimes it takes back blank or different files. You should probably save your files regularly to prevent lossing data.

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