Some users can't log into private Shiny app (standard plan)

Hi I just sent out a lot of invites to my private app a few users are saying whenever they click the invite link and enter their email and pw, the mouse hover turns into a red "nope" cursor and they can't click Sign Up. I removed their invite, sent another one, and I watched on a screenshare as she got it, went there, and the same exact thing happened. Most users are getting in fine. The one user I talked with tried it on IE and Firefox, no dice. She says her password is a decent proper one with letters and numbers. It didn't seem super long or super short when she typed it.

One thing I noticed also is that when she was typing her pw, it was not doing the complexity checks that it did when I try to recreate the problem on my machine. We are starting to think it's browser-related, but both IE and Firefox are having the same problem. Chrome seems to be ok.


Sorry you are running into problems using

We have identified an issue when a new user signs up to using microsoft edge and internet explorer. We have updated our status page to reflect this issue ( and we are presently working to resolve the problem.

Our internal testing seems to indicate that chrome and fire fox are still working properly. Are you able to provide the version of fire fox that you are using?


I'm including a screenshot of the Firefox version from the user who couldn't get it to work in Firefox.

Thanks for your response and help with this!