Some terms that I want to ask about deploying the R model in shinyappsio website.

I implemented a simple R code and deploy it to shinyappsio website. I saw there are several options.

For example, for free account, there is 5 application? What does it mean 5 applications? Does it mean that only 5 users can access to the website at the same time? what is the definition of active time? Active time means that user actively use the website? After I collect the information, I will decide which account I should use. Thank you

An application is a program. For the free account, you can have up to five distinct programs installed. If you want to upload a sixth program, you have to remove one of the first five. Each program can have multiple users accessing it simultaneously.

Active time is related to how long a programming is running on a server. Since there is no formal mechanism for "logging out" of a Shiny app, the server automatically "sleeps" a program when it has been inactive for a certain amount of time. The default idle time is 15 minutes, but you can change that for each of your programs. Suppose you have a program that is inactive (nobody using it). Person A goes to its URL, causing a server to spin up an instance, say at 1300 GMT. The program is active as of that time. Suppose that person B starts using it while A is using it, then A stops at 1320 GMT, and then B stops at 1335 GMT. Using the default timeout of 15 minutes, at 1350 GMT the server sleeps the instance, and it counts as 50 minutes of "active time".

Thank you Prubin, Good to know that. At this stage, I only have 1 program that I need to deploy it to Shinyappio website. Good to know that the applications is NOT the number of users who used the website at the same time. Thank you so much. Shinyappio provide an easy but great way to deploy our model to Website.

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