Some keystrokes sporadically not received/misinterpeted by console

Occasionally the console in RStudio stops reliably recording my keystrokes. Some common problems include being unable to use:

  • the arrow buttons to move the cursor
  • Shift+delete/backspace to delete 'words' as I usually do
  • backspace at all (though typing forward works)
  • unable to use escape to flush the current line

I think this is ultimately the fault of Microsoft Windows more than RStudio, but the problem only appears in RStudio so posting here in case it is a problem with RStudio. The reason I lay the blame at Microsoft is that it tends to happen shortly after (but not immediately after) I inadvertently switch language settings which causes different keys to return different characters (e.g. @ instead of "). However, I've only encountered the above key failures in RStudio. Furthermore, restarting RStudio is not enough; once I encounter this condition, I have to restart the computer.

Is there a workaround? Alternatively, when I hit Windows + SPACE to undo the unintended language shift, am I causing RStudio to do something strange which would mean my keystrokes are no longer reliably interpeted.

We haven't encountered an issue like this before, so it sounds like it could be related to the Windows input method that's currently active. What languages are you using and toggling?

English (Australian)
English (UK)