Some images are not rendered in

Hi everyone,

I am building a shinny app and i use the navbarPage.

Now, i include some images in it and while building it in my Rstudio, all the images are shown as they should. However, when i publish it on the some of them are not shown(see screenshot below)! And i couldn't find the reason for that... My images are all in the format .png and they are located in the www folder. I use the code:
tags$img(src = "images/ResultsTable.png", width = "800px", height = "500px"

Solutions tried already :

  1. Seperate the ui.R and server.R in 2 files
  2. add fluipage() above navbarPage() as suggested in a forum that i can't find right now.

Do you have any idea, suggestion etc ?

Thank you,