Some 'Featured Publications' missing from blogdown site

Hi all,

I have used the academic theme for Hugo (via blogdown) to create a blog. I am currently having some difficulty adding to the 'Featured Publications' section. I have added the content (.md files, and pictures) in the appropriate folders, and everything appears as I would like it to when I use blogdown::serve_site() from within the RStudio viewer.

...but when I update my Github page and deploy on netlify, some of the publications are missing from the page.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts or comments, or if there is any additional information I should provide.

Many thanks,

Hi all,

Just in case anyone else has run into this (or a similar) problem:

This issue was resolved when I updated the version of hugo-academic (Home page of hugo academic is gone) and Hugo (

I also had to update the version of Hugo on netlify by editing the 'Environment variables' under the 'Continuous Deployment' tab.

I found these slides very helpful in navigating it all:

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