Some DOIs not importing correctly with Visual Editor's Insert Citation tool

The Insert Citations feature is a great addition and a huge time-saver.

However, I've noticed some cases where, when importing from a DOI, the corresponding entry in references.bib is missing the authors field. Interestingly, the BiBTeX key for the entry does include the author's last name. If I import to an alternative format such as CSL+JSON, I do see the authors in the accompanying references.json.

Three DOIs that reproduce this behavior on my system are:

  • doi:10.18739/A23R0PT35
  • doi:10.18739/A29W09071
  • doi:10.5061/dryad.31zcrjdh2

The only thing I can think of that links these three together is that their DataCite CSL+JSON is of type "dataset" instead of (I think) the more common "article" type.

I'd love to see these DOIs import with their authors. Any help would be appreciated!

My environment is:

macOS 11.2.1
RStudio Version 1.4.1586
R 4.0.3 (2020-10-10)

I can reproduce this on the last Rstudio daily 1.4.1614.

The DOI should be correctly imported as in

I would suggest you open an issue report in RStudio repo:


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Thanks @cderv, I'll do that.

For anyone following along on the thread, I've filed an issue on the RStudio repo. Thanks again @cderv.

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As follow up, this should be fixed in daily build of rstudio.

Thanks a lot for the report!

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