Solving error 'invalid subscript type 'list' in function

Hello, I am carrying out a network meta-analysis and am starting by creating the network using the function.

I have created the data frame 'TherapyFormats' as shown, and inputted into the '' function, but I keep getting this error: Error in studies[ma] : invalid subscript type 'list'

study <- c('Tuleasca, 2018', 'Cho, 2015', 'Horisawa, 2023', 'Raju, 2017', 'Niranjan, 2017', 'Young, 2000', 'Khattab, 2007', 'Middlebrooks, 2023')
diff <- c(2.42, 0.40, 2.04, 2.46, 2.23, 2.85, 3.68, 0.61)
std.err <- c(0.45, 0.54, 0.34, 0.33, 0.21, 0.16, 0.40, 0.28)
treatment <- c('GK', 'GK', 'GK', 'GK', 'GK', 'GK', 'LINAC', 'LINAC')
TherapyFormats <- data.frame(study, diff, std.err, treatment)
id <- c('GK', 'LINAC')
description <- c('Gamma Knife', 'Linear Accelerator')
TherapyFormats_treat <- data.frame(id, description)

network <- = TherapyFormats, treatments = TherapyFormats$treatment, description = "Network", studies = TherapyFormats$study)

I have tried using the 'data.frame' funciton to convert each column into a separate dataframe, but then I get an error saying I am selecting undefined columns.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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