Solving Equation in R-studio

Can someone help me in solving this equation in R-studio or How I can solve it in other programs and call it in R-studio?

Find the Value of z

x = 20
y =20
beta1= 2
beta2= 4
alpha2= 2
alpha1= 2
lambda = 4
q = 0.1831563889e-1

((alpha1*beta1)^(alpha1/(alpha1+alpha2))*(alpha2*beta2*x/(lambda^(1/alpha2)*y))^(alpha2/(alpha1+alpha2))*z^((alpha1+alpha2+1)/(alpha1+alpha2))-x)*exp(z)+x*q*exp(lambda) = 0

Hi there,

You can solve equations like you have. I have taken a portion of your formula and made it into a compatible string to show you how to set it up:


yac("Solve((z+20*0.1831563889e-1*exp(4)) == 0, z)")
#> [1] "{z== -0.3663127778*exp(4)}"

Created on 2021-10-23 by the reprex package (v2.0.0)

As you can see in this example I replace the specific variables with their actual values and pasted the equation as a string. Depending on complexity etc it will then run and see if it can find a solution for your formula.

Thank you dear for your help.

Most welcome :slight_smile: If it solved your problem feel free to mark it as the solution.

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