Solution: RStudio Whitescreen or Window Won't Show

If you're having odd issues with RStudio (e.g. whitescreen of death, unresponsive taskbar, window will not launch etc.); you might try the following:

  1. Close RStudio

  2. Delete the following files:

C: > users > username > AppData > Local > RStudio-Desktop
C: > users > username > AppData > Roaming > RStudio

Dive back into RStudio. (No restart required.)

Logic: The causes and symptoms can vary, but clearing these files flushes the program - data (working files) saved elsewhere will remain.



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Hi @shawn! Welcome!

The procedure you describe is called "resetting RStudio Desktop's state". It can certainly help in a variety of circumstances, though there are also plenty of problems that need other solutions. It's probably good to note that the specific instructions above apply to Windows. For other operating systems, the steps are a bit different.

I think it's also good to know that it's not necessary to delete anything — renaming works, as well, and is safer. Full instructions for resetting RStudio Desktop's state can be found here:

And there's a full troubleshooting guide here:

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