Social event program

I couldn't find any info about the social on the schedule. I recall a "rooftop party" on the registration form.

Is that the social event? When is it, and are +1 invited at extra cost?

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If there is no social program, then "I'll create my own, with blackjack and..." I'm gonna stop right there. :smile:

Seriously though, rooftop sounds awesome, but I'm ready to hang every day after the conference. That area of San Diego is awesome for many things. I'll tell you a story of how I once slept in the car on the beach at Coronado Beach :wink:

Hi @daattali. Our rooftop party will be held on Friday evening- 2/2- at the Hard Rock Hotel. Guests are welcome and can be registered via the conference website

And we are also organizing a number of "Birds of a Feather" sessions to meet people with similar interests or backgrounds. These will happen during breakfasts and lunches.

Right now there are four "flocks" planned: Life Sciences, Financial Services, Education, and Business Operations Analytics.
But we have space for an additional five.

We're curious what other focuses we should organize around? I think we'll post a new thread about this here shortly, asking for ideas and for help prioritizing these social events.

I'll be sure to tag y'all!

You're saying "with similar interests or backgrounds", and then the list of these interests are Life Sciences, Financial Services, Education, and Business Operations Analytics

These seem to me like straight up professional occupations.

So if you're looking for 5 more professional backgrounds - that's one thing, and if you're looking for 5 more interests - that'd be something else. But then it wouldn't be related to R as much - it'd be more of an actual "social" thing, which can and should be done after hours.

Hope I understand this correctly.

Ah yes, perhaps then my note is best handled in its own topic so as not to distract from organizing such off-conference events.

Also, I’d love to grab a beer. :beers:

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Even if this is conversation is moved to another thread, I would be interested in adding Energy/Utilities to that list of "interests" :slight_smile:

Tangentially, another group that I would be interested in meeting with: other RStudio Sever Admins or Data Ops folks. Less of an industry, more of an occupation or role across industries.

Perhaps this is too narrow, but my work is in Health Economics and Outcomes Research, which doesn't fit nicely into any of the flocks you have planned (maybe Life Sciences, but that's a stretch). I wonder if a poll of general areas of interest would be useful in developing the flocks?

Tag me too, please, when you make a post!


Coming from Canada for our very first visit to California, so we are certainly interested in social events and seeing some sights! If there's a zoo trip, I'm in.

Mostly just hoping to thaw a little. It's a balmy -17 in Ottawa today, and we're celebrating! Last week was -39 :wink:

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The San Diego Zoo is inside Balboa Park, which is one of great San Diego spots.
Regardless of the social program, I'm planning to venture out to Balboa Park one of the days, and will gladly take companions.

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