Smi-additive measures

Hi all,

How can I get a such table in rstudio

Check out the gt package:

If it doesn't suit your needs, there's also a list of other table-making/formatting packages at the bottom of the intro vignette.

Thank you, let me check on it

I got it , s to use library(pivottabler),
here is an example

Communication  <- sample(c("ORANGE", "TIGO", "MTN"), 100, replace=T)
school  <- sample(c("BSA1", "BSA2", "HSA1"), 100, replace=T)
teacher <- sample(c("Tom", "Dick", "Harry"), 100, replace=T)
growth <- rnorm(100, 5, 3)

myDf <- data.frame(school, school1, teacher, growth)
# arguments:  qhpvt(dataFrame, rows, columns, calculations, ...)
qpvt(myDf, c("school","school1", "teacher"), NULL,  
     c("Average Growth"="sum(growth)",
       "# of Scholars"="n()"), "# of Scholars2"="n()", 
     formats=list("%.1f", "%.1f", "%.0f"))

This can help someone else financial institutions.


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