Slow scrolling in code editor

Hi all,

The RStudio Desktop (v 1.1.453) code editor pane has a lag when it scrolls on my machine. There is a 1/2-second delay in scrolling. It sounds petty, but when dealing with this all the time, it becomes a real annoyance and affects usability. Does anyone else have this issue? There's a delay in scrolling, and when i page up or down, the code takes a bit to refresh on the screen too. I'm on a high-dpi laptop (dell precision 5510); not sure if that may be the source of the issue. I've made sure all my windows power settings are cranked to high performance, etc.

Notably, when working on an rstudio server instance via a web browser, the delay is absent.

Any thoughts on how to resolve would be much appreciated!


Win 10 Pro build 17134
Intel i7-6700HQ

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Does the situation appear to be improved in the preview release?


yep, thanks... seems that it's solved there...

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