Slides for teaching the tidyverse way to total beginners

I am planning on teaching my lab the ways of the tidyverse and was wondering if anyone could point me to a good slide deck that I could use as a starting point? Thanks in advance!

Hi @kieran,

All of the slides from RStudio webinars, which make for great inspiration, are available in the webinars github repo:

They do all seem to have (C) on them, so I'd ask before using anything (I've never asked, so I don't know the answer. It's also good to know if something is out of date).

This might be a good twitter question, too, if you're on there!

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I have some really basic tidyverse intro slides and example data in this github repo for our user group. Feel free to use or modify! I put it together in March, so may be a little dated.


I have some intro slides and other materials on my github site. I happily borrowed a bunch of it from R for Data Science and Steph Locke's training guide.


I would also recommend Steph Locke's materials. I've been lucky enough to attend some of her presentations and I think she is an excellent explainer of R.

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I'm a huge fan of the RStudio Webinars, but one resource I've found incredibly valuable is from the Bioinformatics-core-shared-training, which has a good 'elevator pitch' diagrams of how ggplot2 works conceptually:

I'd also recommend looking at the Master the Tidyverse resources as well:

You can consider all RStudio training material to be CC BY SA - we need to make that more obvious everywhere.