Sleeping shinyapps instance won't wake up when user accesses the link

Hello, I am currently using the 13 USD/month option for I have a tool that only ever displays an error 404 page when users visit the site. This occurs when the server instance goes to sleep, and the tool functions normally if I manually start up the instance, but as soon as the instance goes to sleep, users can only ever see the 404 page. From my understanding, instances should wake up when a user visits the URL, but this doesn't happen in my case.

Is the automatic wakeup a function of a higher paid tier of I'm not sure if I am missing something. This problem seems similar to this post, but I am not having any error messages when I try to restart the server instance.

I have also checked the server logs, and no errors are displayed. The only message I see is the following whenever the instance goes to sleep:

Container event from container-8855527: stop

I also have the same problem. Did you fix it?