Size handling of plots in R notebook isn't working

Stackoverflow wasn't of any help, someone said "it might be a bug in RStudio".

I recently switched from knitting my Rmarkdown files in RStudio to working in a R notebook. Mainly because I want to utilize the cached preview window function so I don't have to rerun a script when knitting because the script makes a big API call.

What I like when working in Rmarkdown is that I could change the sizes of the plots on each different code chunk like this:

{r plot-1, fig.height = 10}

But in preview mode it seems there's a fixed height. I reinsalled RStudio, still the same problem occurs. Does someone else has the same problem?

This was discussed (a little) here. The operation of this changes between R Notebooks and markdown apparently by design. I, however, am with you, and believe the minorly different implementation in RNotebooks is frustrating more than useful.