Site typos/small errors

Thought I would start a list of small issues with the Community site that don't need urgent fixing. Maybe some admin can look here when they urgently feel like they need an easy-to-complete task. One of those days when anything more complicated than fixing 2 lines of code seems to blow up in your face (not that I've ever felt that way).

  1. While tagging a category (#package-develoment), I noticed a small problem with the name... Is it maybe for package DeveLoment (which it seems would be a bothersome fruit)?

  2. There's a badge in the "Getting Started" category that seems a bit out of place. Looks like it was going to be a rmarkdown category and someone put it in the wrong place?

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Yeah, I hope they fix the rmarkdown tag/category, so I can follow it. (Rmarkdown is the only 'verse package I use often besides magrittr.)

There's been plenty of posting by staffers, but it'd be nice if one of them could take a minute to flesh out the categories and tags...

Thanks @nick and @Frank.
We've setup a special badge to recognize kind folks like yourself that catch such issues.