Simulation Crash R-studio cloud

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I am trying to simulate on r-cloud using a model. The model based simulation run time is around 3 min on my computer. When I run the same code on R-cloud studio the R-studio session crashes. How do I resolve this ?

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Quick update: The simulation is running when I am using n=100 instead of n=1000 samples. The output with n=1000 will create approximately 1000*10000 rows. Is this issue ?

More likely you are exiding the 1 GB RAM limit on RStudio Cloud.

Thank you for quick response. Is there any way I can workaround this ?

On the top, next to your username, in every project, there is a gear. Click on it and go to the tab resources.
You can ask for more resources (memory an computing)

I've never asked for more resource, but I hope it'll be helpful

Thanks. I will try that out. It works up to 200 samples.

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